About Sophia de Vries

I graduated in 1993 at the arts academy of CABK Kampen (currently called the ArtEZ Zwolle), in the field of monumental art design (master).

For me monumental art doesn’t have to be related to something big or comprehensive. Even more, I have a fascination for maquettes, viewing boxes and small lost objects. Etymologically it (a monument) stems from the Latin term monere, which means to recall or to warn. A monument is a sign that reminds us of something, an historical event, an important person or an experience. This is certainly the case for my work. I sculpt my thoughts and experiences into steel objects. I weld and forge them, mold them into shape, grind and polish them, until there’s an object that tells my story, or recollection. Steel offers me the opportunity to give these objects these shapes. This artisan way of working with steel allows me to create a laminated structure on my objects. You can see that creating my objects took a lot of power, even at times brute force. I finish them with dedication, loving and attention. This process creates temperate and simple sculptures and even though they are made from though materials and got treated to a harsh process, they are fragile and tender, which fits my heritage of coming from province of Groningen.

I get my ideas not only from the shapes surrounding me, but also from the rough landscapes from Scotland, Ireland, Iceland and the Shetland and Orkney Islands. Even from the primeval landscapes from Poland and Slovakia. The monumentality of these landscapes i convert into simplicity, clear drawn lines and convert them into steel.

Currently I’m working on a sequence called “Erfjes”. Small landscapes with a tree and a house on a thin line of steel. With these I’m also looking for the monumentality, even though it’s not being shaped by impressive landscapes. It’s small, touchable and recognisable. At one time it was said that my work is, “that house, that tree…” You know you’ve seen it before, but you don’t know where. This is also monumental.

Sophia de Vries, October 2019.


  • Christelijke Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Constantijn Huijgens Kampen
  • Afstudeerrichting: Monumentale vormgeving (1988 – 1993)
  • StoringAUB Traject 2 en 3 (ontwikkeling en verdieping – www.storingaub.nl

Kunstwerk project Maas Architecten Lochem, Wandobject Kerkgebouw ’t Centrum Nijverdal, Kapstok Poli Urologie AZG  Almelo, Deurgrepen Tandartsenpraktijk Holten, Wisseltrofee K&C Jeugd Pianoconcours Holten, Aankoop Gemeente Holten, Jaarpaal 2016 Stichting Wereldtijdpad (huisje met stroom), Kunstenmakerstrofee (4 stuks) Stichting K&C Holten.

Kerkje Hensbroek (NH), ’t Reghthuys Nieuwkoop, Galerie Venendal Hoogeveen, Galerie Paterswolde, “Interspace” galerie Blauwdruck Zwolle

Sterk werk in de kerk, Gorssel (groepsexpositie met oa Dorien Plaat, Beth Namenwirth, Yvonne Trossel, Anne Thos, Aebele Trijsburg, Edith Meijering). Kunst om Dalfsen, Dalfsen. Feest van de Geest 2018, landelijk. Thema “Levensadem”. 30 stolpjes voor Dorpskerk Haren GR. Kunst aan de Ee, Woudsend. Deelname aan De Salon, overzichtstentoonstelling van Deventer kunstenaars in de Bergkerk te Deventer. Ook deelname open ateliers in laatste weekend september. Galerie de Groninger Kroon, Finsterwolde. Galerie Del Campo, Wijster (vaste exposant). Loes Koster Gallery, Muntendam. Pakjekunst Deventer, Lid Platform Deventer Kunstenaars en Kunstenlab Deventer

Kunstroute Lochem in Huis Verwolde Laren, 10 jaar Open Tuin Westerlee, Kunstschouw Zeeland, Galerie de Groninger Kroon Finsterwolde, Kunst op de Toren Hoek van Holland, Galerie del Campo Wijster, Galerie Arthuus Loenen, Galerie Lady Paula Nijmegen, Galerie Waarkunst ’t Waar.

Landschap in mijn Hoofd, Stichting Beeldruimte Hengelo, ABC Gebouw Stichting Kunstraad Dronten, Galerie Heechsicht Indijk, Kunstroute Lochem, Kunst om Dalfsen, De Lek in Beeld Bergambacht, Los festival Havenkwartier Deventer, Synagoge Dalfsen, Etalagekunstroute Holten, Kunst aan de Vaart Assen, Kunstmoment Diepenheim, Kunstroute Kralingen Rotterdam, Galerie de Groninger Kroon Finsterwolde.

Het Beaufort Markelo, Etalagekunstroute Holten, Galerie De Blauwe Deur Almen, Bathmense Kunstmarkt Bathmen, Boekhandel Praamstra Deventer, Expositie Lutkewierum Lytsewierum, Kunstkijk Goeree Overflakkee, Galerie Artijean Kaatsheuvel, Galerie Lemferdinge Paterswolde.

Kunstschouw Zeeland, Galerie Huis ter Heide, Kunst aan de Vaart Assen, Paradepaadje Littenseradiel Friesland, Kleurrijk Hellendoorn, Art Event, Kunstroute Lochem, Galerie Oost99 Hoorn, Nagelhoutzaal Kulturhuus Holten.

Tot en met 2013
Kunstmoment Diepenheim, Theater Luxor Zutphen, Galerie KEK Epe, Galerie de Boog Westernieland, Galerie De Ring Gemeentehuis Epe, Bathmense kunstmarkt Bathmen, Galerie Arthuus Loenen, Kunstroute Lochem, Kleurrijk Hellendoorn, Galerie Groninger Kroon Finsterwolde, De Poorten van Reijmerstok, Kunst aan de Vaart Assen, Galerie Article Wijk bij Duurtstede.